The homepage is the digital version
of the Boll and Branch storefront.

When designing the Homepage, understanding the key features and criteria that we as a brand want to portray are critical for the customer journey since this is a critical place the customer lands when searching for the brand.

Taking key data from research, A/B testing and best in class designs, my vision was to identify our non-negotiables and find a balance between brand and e-commerce content, making it an immersive experience on desktop + mobile.

Key Features: Desktop + Mobile

Sticky Navigation

Side Scrolls featuring my content

Pop Ups

Interactive ctas

Drag and interact feature

Multiple touchpoints to numerous pages

The goal of art direction was to move away from the standard luxury bedding presentations providing a unique perspective on capturing essentials while threading the needle to tell a story. I wanted to allow the fabric and craftsmanship to take center stage while simple, modern environments allowed those details to create emotive moments.

Art Direction

My vision and strategy as Design Director of Boll and Branch was a platform that could host more robust content, elevated photography and copy. I wanted to take risks on a bolder, more immersive user experience for the consumer, allowing them to go on a journey with us and gain a deeper understanding and falling in love with who we are and why we exist.


simon sinek