The Challenge.

Understanding that things could change rapidly in the digital world meant that we had to be prepared for rapid business measures. E-comm was in the beginning phases and we were learning how acquiring more real-time data to help optimize and create conversion. We used this information to make further investments using data to our advantage but we needed to take the North American strategy and scale it for international applications.

The Opportunity

Since the digital world of content can be demanding we needed volume of content and templatization where each page of the site could be designed as a module for ease of development, maintenance and optimized output. The same thought process was applied to email marketing as well as the very beginning stages of using social media as paid promotion.

skincare quiz

The Results

We created an intuitive shopping experience by combining the two worlds of storytelling and luxury shopping. We did this by investing in beautiful photography and content to populate innovative landing pages and skincare quizzes.