The Challenge.

Working with clothing and models was a new adventure and an opportunity to do storytelling through beautiful, high-end clothing. This was also the beginning of influencer marketing and using real people to promote your product was a new opportunity to connect on a more personal and authentic level. The challenge was to manage a very active social platform in addition to the retail and digital platforms I was accustomed to .

The Opportunity

Creating brand and influencer content to work across multiple platforms allowed us to engage with many talented photographers, influencers and paid media partners. This helped us increase brand awareness and develop innovative brand partnerships. These partnerships came to life on landing pages, digital lookbooks and through engaging social media.

Model Photography

Parker being a bright and colorful brand, we wanted the patterns, textures and cuts to be the focus through every image. We decided to focus on approachable yet confident poses with muted backgrounds for seasonal launches.

The results

The website became a virtual destination filled with great content and stories, aspirational photography and a great e-commerce experience that enabled a swift checkout experience. We also templatized the digital pages and email marketing for brand and promotional content creating an optimized production schedule allowing for higher output.