The Challenge.

Coming back to the skincare industry allowed me to bring a fresh perspective to familiar territory. Bringing a fashion aesthetic to a proven skincare brand was an opportunity but also a challenge. After tremendous success with big retail partnerships the focus and investment was fully on digital, starting with a redesign of the website with updated content for a new platform.

The opportunity

A new site meant a high volume of content was needed and leading designers and freelancers through the challenge provided a new opportunity to focus on collaborations to increase creativity and productivity. With a large audience to cater to, the objective was to shoot content in an efficient and affordable way allowing more time for creativity and a focus on AB testing to tighten up messaging across all platforms.

Model + Product

The product photography was kept to minimal propping and sunlit lighting to allow for the products to be the hero and the lightness and effectiveness of the products to shine through.

The results

The new website became a home for robust content driven by science, ingredients and efficacy. Before and afters became the primary driver for a sense of belief in the product and its success. Having templates in place enabled a test and learn environment to further optimize the site and email strategies.